The W1 building is located at the front entrance to the main commercial areas for easy and quick client access. Next to the front car park and the main entrance road, the exact location is highlighted in the diagram below. It is a short walk from the bus station and residential houses on site.

The building is brand new and A-class with all normal facilities required of a high quality city business centre.

All buildings have a front view into the enclosed, green and quiet pedestrian area shown in the centre of the diagram below.
For information on sale or rentals, please contact us via email to request a meeting.
Prices start from €3/m2 making this a very attractive offer for a prestigious building.
The internal layouts and availability of the W1 commercial building are shown below. The floorplan for each floor is shown in the diagram with the availability of rooms below.

First Floor

Room and availability

101 – Reserved
102 – Available
103 – Available
104 – Available
105 – Reserved
106 – Reserved