The business-style of Oxford Park is professional – it is about earning money, working hard and achieving success, but also balancing your life. You and your employees can work hard but then if you choose, return home to relax and it is only a one minute walk from your work place. Business requires a focus on the bottom-line. Your time can be more productive in the office or spent enjoying your time with friends and family not wasting time in traffic jams.

Oxford Park is a location with zero parking fees, enough space to park close to your office door, space for your clients and visitors, low costs and peace and quiet to concentrate on success.

We are creating an attractive environment. One where prestige, excellence, leadership and entrepreneurship are encouraged, supported and developed. A centre where you have a great, natural working environment that, as a manager, your staff can enjoy and as an employee you can appreciate. Where it is easy to succeed, fun to work and considers long term achievement. An environment which is dedicated, quiet and away from the city to give you focus without distraction and at the same time centrally located in Estonia. A place where you have all the basic needs for staff – at breakfast time, during lunch and after work. Easy access to their homes which are close by. When you need to, it is only a short drive to the capital, 10 minutes to Rapla, then Paide, and then on to Tartu, Narva and Riga. We support on-site offices, teleworking and media, so your staff have every option they need to work productively.

At Oxford Park, professional and winning business can be achieved in the most attractive and natural environment in Estonia.