Our Team
Oxford is international. We work across different locations throughout Europe and work on various different projects. We are proud of what we create together. Our team strives to be energetic, hard-working, creative but realistic, performance and goal oriented, efficient and focused.

In our view the only viable future is a sustainable balance. Not just as a PR slogan or only in a development, but in work, in life and in attitude. In everything. More and more people will think and act sustainably simply because this is the only scenario which works in the long term. Anything unsustainable will by definition end.

This balance is not at all soft. In fact it is a daily challenge. It is about achieving, succeeding, developing and winning, while still considering the economy, environment, society, government, local people, rest and the humdrum nature of our daily lives. You must think and consider more factors and stakeholders while still striving to be the best.

While working hard, we try to live a healthy life, sleep enough and take care of both our body and mind. We love sports and eat nutritious food. This is the only way to achieve an ongoing level of excellence in the long term without burning out (sustainability). We do not always reach the top in every field because both work and life is a journey rather than a destination, but excellence is the journey that we choose and the destination we aspire to.
Many people in Oxford have a strong personality and there is freedom to express yourself, but it is most important to be right.

Our team doesn´t consist of only those people who are directly working for Oxford. We consider our good co-operation partners also as part of our group.

Good relationships and a positive, open attitude at the office are key factors that keep our team spirit up and work days enjoyable.You may be put under pressure and it may be made clear to you that you can and should do better, but there is no personal focus, all drive is towards succeeding in the Group goals. Bounce back, and tomorrow is a new day when everything is new and you have the chance to achieve again.

Some statistics about our team:

  • 94% of our team have a University education and 11% have an MBA
  • Average age is 41 years
  • 67% do some form of structured excercise 3 times or more per week
  • 67% prefer relaxaing in nature to relaxing in the city
  • 72% have a weekly social event with friends or family
  • 33% go weekly to a cultural event

Of our core team (not including acquired companies), 11 people work in Scandinavia, Finland or Estonia, 4 people work in the UK, 3 people work in Guernsey, one person works in The Netherlands and 2 people work in Romania.

Almost all of our team have some international, part to their work, being involved at different times in their career with projects in or promotion to a country different to their home country. Often skills are shared across borders and used directly in the place and project where they are needed.