Our Differences
There are a number of reasons why Oxford is different from other companies and groups.

  • We are small in our number of staff, but large in terms of project size, scope and value. This means that everyone is able to have a broad range of activities, work on large and interesting assignments and learn a wide range of skills and abilities in their own area.
  • Our team is friendly and cooperative while our projects are very competitive meaning you can relax with your colleagues and strive with your competitors
  • We are leaders and innovative in many fields such as wind, renewable energy and sustainable development
  • We continue to strive to push the boundaries of excellence – we do not intend to be mediocre
  • Our projects are unique. They´re sustainable, innovative, useful and interesting for most stakeholders
  • We have structures and systems, but remain very entrepreneurial, achieving a large amount with few resources and being very cost effective
  • Our team members are focused on sustainability in their work and their lives, succeeding in a good way
  • We do not set your limits, you set them. Our emotional and financial rewards can be better than anywhere else as long as you succeed

In addition, when working in Oxford on the Oxford Park (OP) project in Estonia, you have the following benefits:

  • A morally correct and a sustainable project
  • Local residents, government, environment and society as well as buyers have ethical, conceptual and real, tangible benefits
  • An innovative, market-leading project and one which benefits economy, environment and society
  • A flexible project that can change and be adjusted according to market demand changes during the years
  • Strong and professional support focused on performance and success
  • High autonomy and self-management/ motivation for your working regime as long as you achieve success
  • Use of international know-how and expertise
  • A driven leadership, dedicated to making the project succeed
  • Ongoing coaching possibilities
  • An exceptionally high reward for success

We achieve leadership through four foundations of expertise. These are Professionality, Ethical Awareness, Corporate Responsibility and Knowledge.

All our development managers are fully certified in the international PMP (Project Management Professional) qualification or are in the process of qualifying. We are a leading independent development and energy company, dedicated to this level of commitment in professional project management.

Ethical awareness
We were the first CarbonNeutral development company in CEE/North, first BREEAM qualified company in the region, build SIA analysis into our designs and offer customers renewable/ environmentally friendly techniques, materials and energy sources. 50% of the non-invested profit from our management company is dedicated to animal charities.

Corporate responsibility
We promote an open, honest and transparent approach to business. The group strategy is to add considerable value to land assets, to act with corporate responsibility and to work with all stakeholders in long term relationships so that the (local) government, residents, the region, investors and management all receive a benefit from the designs and projects completed.

We are sustainable knowledge leaders in our markets and region through our creative, adaptive approach and the use of our Oxford 360 degree Sustainability Index.

For more detailed information about our Group please follow the links:

Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate, Business ethics, partners and sustainable approach, http://www.oxfordsustainable.com/company/
Oxford Sustainable Group, www.oxfordsustainable.com
Some of our projects, www.oxfordsustainable.com/projects/
More information about Oxford Park, www.oxfordpark.ee

Our values
The Oxford Sustainable Group is a company with great ambition.
Our goal is excellence. To generate outstanding returns in an innovative and sustainable fashion which also adds value to and minimises impact to related stakeholders (local residents, government and society, environment, partners, peers, supply chain, global and local economy, finance, investment, inter alia).
We believe that by working hard, working together in a friendly, positive and focused way, striving for excellence and by cooperating and supporting each other, we will achieve our goals and lead our peers.

The following characteristics describe our ambitions, values and where we would like to be as a company:

First, second and third we require measurable success from our team

  • We work in areas which are morally acceptable
  • Performance is a driving force, not internal politics, big words or excuses
  • We work hard and we succeed
  • We know the importance of a healthy balance between work and personal time, however, at the same time we never stop until we have achieved our goal
  • We are teamplayers, but also support autonomous working as long as success is delivered
  • We believe in trust with sufficient controls, honesty, straightforwardness/ directness and a high level of coaching and direct management if necessary
  • Dedication, commitment, loyalty – these are the values that define all of us both in business and private life
  • Positive attitude is crucial – it helps to overcome the difficulties and keeps the working spirit up
  • Developing good relationships matter – both inside the company and even more importatnly outside with our stakeholder