About us

The Oxford Sustainable Group (Oxford or OSG) offices are sized according to need and generally fitted with comfortable furniture as well as the normal professional equipment to create a positive and enjoyable environment to work in. Team members are expected to be smart and wear formal business clothes as befits a professional organisation. A combination of informality and professionalism as well as entrepreneurship and structure in projects are the norms within our offices. You will receive support from colleagues as well as from management.
It has been proven that while feeling positive, you achieve your goals faster and in a more enjoyable fashion. As in the saying “you get what you give”, we are giving the best of us and working hard in order to be happy with our achievements in life and we encourage the same attitude in others.

Team spirit
In Oxford we cooperate with each other on daily basis. We share information and help each other to meet deadlines. Even though we are all working hard and striving to deliver excellent results on our own, team support is always available when needed. Everyone works on their own, but for the same common projects as a team. The successful completion of each project phase depends on everyone’s best effort and therefore due to tight deadlines, efficient team cooperation is essential. Oxford employees are successful professionals who are strongly goal oriented, competitive and easy to work with.

Below we include a selection of our team members to give you a view on who we are.

Piibe Lind

Piibe has been working for OSG since 2007. As do most of the Oxford team members, she has a wide range of tasks. These include project coordination of a number of sustainable and Finnish wind projects, cashflow management and other financial activities.

Jane Jõe

Jane is responsible for
environmental analysis,
sales support and
Finnish project support.
Jane on what is
required of you in Oxford:

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