Price table
Row House Type
Mand100 (row)
Mand100 3bed (row)
Keble stone (row)
Tamm172 (row)
 Price/ m2
Private House Type

Mand100 (private)
Tamm172 (private)
Vaher240 (private)


Price/ m2


Prices include the building itself, local infrastructure and land. It does not include a landscaped garden area or connection costs to the various service providers such as Elion, Water, Starman, Eesti Energia and so on for each individual family.

We offer a number of financing options for new clients in residential, business and for investment purposes.
The standard bank package offered to residential clients is 80% bank finance (20% own finance) and can be obtained from our various banking partners according to your choice and depending on your individual circumstances. In March 2011, our negotiated interest rates were around 2.8% variable and 4.2% fixed (for 5 years), depending on the bank chosen. Normally, banks will support between 30% to 50% of your net income as mortgage debt, which means the interest plus capital sum paid to the bank each month can be up to 50% of your current net income.
With Kredex support, the bank financed portion of the purchase package rises to 90% (10% own finance).
On certain properties, Oxford offers its own special 100% financing program, with additionally 3 years of bank interest paid at a fixed rate. This is useful for clients who have trouble providing their own financing part. This does still require clients to go through a bank assessment process.

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