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House Model choice – Mänd100, Mänd100 3bed, Tamm172, Vaher240
House Design  – Energy Efficient
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House Interior design choice – Eco, Eco Modern, Eco Chic
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Vaher240 (Single house)
The Vaher240 single house is suitable for a growing family or for an individual or couple looking for a spacious home. This is a quality and long-lasting home where you could be happy in during all stages of your life.
The Vaher240 has 4 double bedrooms, or if you prefer 3 bedrooms and a study/ library/ games room/ guest room on the ground floor, two bathrooms for busy families or those who enjoy guests staying, the privacy of your own plot and large floor to ceiling sliding doors, which open onto the terrace and garden. A large 36m² living room and large 22m² kitchen/dining area, household/storage on the ground floor, additional storage or children’s room on the first floor and attic, a two-car garage with more parking in front of the house and considerable terrace space including a large private roof terrace all included in the price, provide everything you need for a quality and spacious home.
The design is created for its modernity, environmental-friendliness and includes aspects of traditional Estonian houses lightly incorporated in its outlook.

Vaher240 front view

Vaher240 rear view

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Internal layout

The 1st floor

The expected area sizes are:

Entrance hall/dining room/kitchen – 22m²
Livingroom – 36.3m²
Stairs – 5.2m²
WC – 3m²
Guestroom/studio/sauna – 10.6m²
Household room – 7.2m²
Master bedroom – 15m²
Double bedroom 1 – 12.5m²
Double bedroom 2 – 11.2m²
Corridor/stairs – 8.3m²
Storage – 6.1m²
Bathroom – 5.8m²
Garage – 36m²
+ Attic – 13.1m²
Please note: In the actual finished building sizes may vary due to variations of construction and differences due to additional insulation, finishing and options chosen.
The property, as standard comes with the finishing possibilities and additional options shown below. The building structure is stone.
The design is modern and uber-effective in terms of space, while it fits perfectly into the natural location
and blends with the other houses in the surrounding for a well-balanced and varied living environment.
The internal layout optimises space and allows sunlight to enter from all sides with large window and glass
door space. The living room and master bedroom are located on the rear for quiet, to give your own space
and provide direct access to your private green garden. Interior choice of materials focuses on natural and
warm elements including wood – strengthening the link throughout the building to the surrounding area.
The external design has been completed by our award winning Italian architectural team and the interior
finishings by Pink.
Passive house concept
Our houses are not passive, however, we have creatively taken the best aspects from a passive house and
applied these to our own designs, therefore taking the best of both worlds, effective environmental design,
living comfort and price into account. Wide area natural lighting and natural circulation of summer West
wind is important. In our energy efficient option, additional materials and insulation provide a close-to-passive level of efficiency with all the comfort of a normal house and natural year-round ventilation and light.

The 2nd floor:

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