You have the following options available to you:
House Model choice – Mänd100, Mänd100 3bed, Tamm172, Vaher240
House Design type – Energy Efficient
House Options choice – See below
House Interior design choice – Eco, Eco Modern, Eco Chic
Your Life – Your choice
The Tamm172 property is our premium seperate living space for those with larger requirements. It is situated in a terrace or on its own plot at your choice. As a terrace, it is completely seperated from both sides by a garage or carport, so it is effectively like living in a detached/private house with no direct wall connections to any neighbours and at a terrace-house price. Therefore your privacy and quiet is ensured and you still gain as much room as possible within your budget.

External front views of Tamm172

Each building has 3 bedrooms, including two double bedrooms, an additional single bedroom for individuals, children, guests or to use as a study, two bathrooms for quick morning preparation when you need to all leave at the same time, and more than ample storage space inside and outside for skiis, bicycles, skates, household items and other materials. It includes a carport as standard and a garage is optional. Including car parking space in the front of the building and on the street-front, there are places for up to 4 cars, supporting a potentially large family. If you choose, the attic can be used as storage space or later converted to a small baby-room as your family grows.

External front views of Tamm172

With an effective use of interior space and a double sized garden at front and back compared to our other terrace options, the Tamm just excudes space and privacy from all sides. Both front and rear offer garden space and wooden terraces and above the garage it is possible to have a spacious private sun terrace, closed from view, but still open to the warmth.
A carport comes as standard. It is a simple structure with a great use. A covering for your car from rain, snow and other pollutants it makes it easy to get up and go in the morning and reduces costs for cleaning and washing. Simpler than a garage and without walls, it still provides useful protection for you.
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Internal layout


The design combines a modern funk-style with traditional single sloping Estonian roof and wooden facades, matching the surrounding environment.
The internal layout is designed to maximise use of the space available and to allow maximum sunlight to enter for pleasure and sustainability. The living room and master bedroom are located at the rear for quiet, to provide direct access to your private green garden. Interior choice of materials focuses on natural and warm elements including wood – strengthening the link throughout the building to the surrounding area.
The external design has been completed by our award winning Italian architectural team and the eco-interior finishings by Pink.
Passive house concept
We have creatively taken the best aspects from a passive house and applied these to our own designs, therefore taking the best of both worlds, effective environmental design, living comfort and price into account. Minimised external wall spaces, optimised natural lighting and an elongated shape allowing natural circulation of summer West wind is important, without the use of unnecessary and expensive electrical powered devices. In our energy efficient option, additional materials and insulation provide a close-to-passive level of efficiency with all the comfort of a normal house and natural year-round ventilation and light.
The expected area sizes are:
Entrance hall – 2.5m²
Bathroom/sauna – 7.8m²
Closet – 2.0m²
Living room/kitchen – 44.1m²
Master bedroom – 13.3m²
Bathroom – 6.0m²
Corridor – 4.5m²
Household room – 4.1m²
Double bedroom – 12.5m²
Single bedroom – 10.7m²
Front Terrace – 8.0m²
Back Terrace – 18.0m²
Carport – 38.6m²
+ Attic – 15.8m²
Please note: In the actual finished building sizes may vary due to variations of construction and differences due to additional insulation, finishing and options chosen.
The property, as standard comes with the finishing possibilities and additional options shown below. The building structure is stone.

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