Oxford Park is the global leader in sustainability for a project already planned and permitted in 2009.

Our bespoke Oxford 360 Degree Sustainability Index is an industry leading sustainable tool for outstanding sustainable project development. It allows us to assess, define, manage and deliver projects in terms of sustainability, ahead of time, budget and quality norms and at a profitable investment level.

The Oxford 360 Sustainability Index was developed because there were and still are no suitable methodologies on the market. It professionally identifies the full range of stakeholders and captures sustainability requirements during a full project lifecycle (investment cash-in to cash-out) while at the same time applying the use of sustainability to (a) increase positive sustainable impact, (b) minimise negative sustainable impact and (c) enhance returns. A truly sustainable project should both increase returns and also generate a positive impact to the surroundings. In our working model, these aspects are not in conflict.

The methodology considers a borad range of areas, all necessary for complete sustainability in development. For instance, we consider investment returns, environment, finance, economy (e.g. job creation, local regeneration), local/ regional/ national government policy, architecture, local residents’ requirements, energy, global carbon, the sustainable supply chain, society and community (e.g. viability of new residents’ integration, reduction in social problems, safety), educational development, future trends, sales and marketing factors and various other aspects depending on the project in question.

The following .pdf files give more information on sustainability aspects of the Oxford Park project:

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