Here you can see a diary of ongoing activities on the Oxford Park site.

30.03.2012 Renovating channels

On site construction works continue with the overflow water channels being rennovated with foliage and trees removed to allow free water flow as well as the potential for around 4km of freestyle skiing paths next to the water channels. See the pictures for some of the work in progress.


23.03.2012 Nature Trails Part 2

Nature Trails Part 2! Our extensive Oxford Park nature trails are being continued through the beautiful Oxford Park Winter Forest. We are now cleaning the forest and cutting the trees to prepare for our summer activities to lay new paths throughout the 44ha of forest that each of our clients may freely use. Each year the project grows.


15.03.12 Construction of infrastructure

The construction towards Oxford Park continues, with central connection of water and sewage pipes being laid according to schedule. With a short delay for the cold winter period, the works are continuing again in March. You see some of the work being done in the pictures below.


05.12.11 Construction of infrastructure and communication starts as planned
As planned, the construction of the pipelines to supply water and sewage from the centre of the vald has commenced this year. The first part of this is to support the vald streets on the far side of Juuru, then moving along Tallinna mnt to connect to the Oxford Park site. This is a centralised system ensuring optimum environmental security for the local and new areas.

Completed part
Completed part

03.11.11 Sales of Oxford Park Properties
The Oxford Park project is moving forwards with sales, as shown in the sales section on this site. Uus maa have not yet generated sales, but the internal team has signed a number of customers. The main focus for buyers to date had been on the Mand72 property, which is our entry-level property giving great space for a low price.

23.08.11 – Cooperation with Malev


Oxford Park is a great supporter of families, children, young adults and animals. For instance, Oxford Park fully encourages connection of environment, animal life and nature with its new businesses and residents. We have already sponsored the development of the Juuru Gymnasium. The first Gymnasium project developed a unique e-learning system for a series of 5 schools in Estonia, into which Juuru Gymnasium is integrated, making use of the best available teachers across all these schools to deliver the highest quality education and make sure your children get good development opportunities in life. Oxford Park has already been cited as the best living place in Estonia today for children and families and we have started a new cooperation with Malev, providing satisfying work experience. Malev have written a blog about their experiences, .

The Malev team are working on creating 5km of health tracks through the Oxford Park forest for the local community and residents, for running, walking or just enjoying nature, as well as smaller connecting trails. Oxford Park contains a beautiful thick forest on the site, with a wide variety of flora and fauna. High tree species include highly valued types as well as normal forest, such as spruce, ash, alder, birch, hazlenut, apple, bird cherry and willow, amongst others.


14.07.11 – Oxford Sustainable Group nominated for most innovative/entrepreneurial company in Raplamaa
Oxford Sustainable Group, the developer behind the Oxford Park development was nominated as one of the most innovative/entrepreneurial companies which have added the most value to Raplamaa in Estonia.

08.07.11 – Urmas Lansoo on site
Today Urmas Lansoo, the well know Estonain botanist, visited the Oxford Park site and has been advising on plants, animals and the lifecycles in the area, adding to our educational knowledge and educational boards to be made available on site. Urmas told us, “Normally developers only ask us how we can cut down the most trees, it is really unique that a developer is asking for more information to improve the area”. We are considering both the built and the natural environment in great detail and consulting with the top experts in order to continue to make Oxford Park the most enjoyable living environment and business environment in Northern Europe. Urmas said, “Congratulations, you have chosen a really fertile and attractive area for your project. There is a huge range of species on the site.”

18.06.11 – Creation of educational and Children’s areas
Summary: Work has started on creating the Oxford Park educational trails and Children’s areas. The “Witches Path” has been created in the forest located in the Oxford Park Children’s Natural Playscape area. This is a secret, winding path between the trees with hidden entrances and exits, climbing trees and ancient stone piles that children can find, explore and play in, imagining Witch Hazel who keeps her Home at the end of the Path. In additional, the Fox’s path was started. A series of educational trails through the forests are being created for both children and adults. People may enjoy walking, jogging or cycling through the forest on these trails, sit in glades and follow the lifecycle of the local animals and plants. These are signposted and explained in informational boards along the trail.
All paths and trails are made from natural materials which were already present on site. No new materials are imported, nor are they removed.

28.05.11 – Forest clearing and chipping the dead wood

Small attractive forest paths and secret glades are being created working with the dead wood already taken from the forest itself (re-use of materials, no removal of dead wood from the site, saving transport effects, no foreign materials were brought to site, maintaining existing nature and again reducing transport requirements). The wood was chipped using local chpping machinery and labour, returning finance to the local area and promoting the local economy.

14.05.11 – Initial works clearing dead wood from the forests

We were working with a team of 7 people from the local area, helping stimulate the local economy and bringing income to the nearby municipalities.

07.05.11 – Planning for initial landscaping works on site

Oxford team (featured in the pictures Tanel Käär, Hadley Barrett) and Süd Arhitektibüroo (featured Epp Keskula Erard, Laurent Erard).
Works were planned at a detailed level, considering individual trees and forest areas to minimise any change to the existing nature.