You choose your lifestyle.

Lifestyle is about living the way you want to live and doing the things you enjoy. That means living in an environment that suits your needs.

At Oxford Park, we offer a lifestyle which combines work with nature. A beautiful country environment. A 30-minute drive to the border of Tallinn on roads which are not crowded. Air which is clean. The forest at your door. It is a healthy lifestyle, a family lifestyle and a balance between work and free-time. It is not the city and you do not want to be in the city, you want to be outside, free from the daily grind, to come home to a safe and cosy house for you and your family. Friendly neighbours, no shouting and parties late at night, no trouble in the streets. A community where people pull together and help each other out. The chance to create something new, something good, something right. A life like it used to be and still should be.

There are free school places and kindergarten places that you do not need to fight over. A chance to take courses and personally improve yourself. We provide the foundation for a great life so when you move to Oxford Park, you can start a community, help to develop the project and mould your life the way you want it to be. Be a part of this great development from the start and make it your own.

A life worth living.