Future developments in the near future within the community include:

Sport park – the local government has plans to develop Juuru sport park

Cultural house – in addition, the local government intends to create a cultural house

Expansion of the social facilities – plans to further expand the local social facilities are in progress

Toruism – a committee has been created to promote and develop tourism in the area and make the best use of existing cultural and heritage objects

The cultural and sport park consists of the following main facilities:

– Singing square with the audience area, open-air dance square

– Tribune for the audience around the stadium

– Tennis court, basketball court & 2 vollyball courts

– Skate park

– BBQ house, sales stands and toilets

– Former kart car tracks to be used for rollerblading, skateboarding, walking and children cycling

– Pets walking/playing area with attractions and park benches

– Playground for kids (sliding hill with mineral surface, sandbox, climbing attractions and resting benches)

– All sorts of climing walls and other sports attractions for health sporters

– Square for the Jaanipäev bonfire

Download the .pdf file showing the design of the Cultural and Sport Park by clicking here. Note this is a very large file and can take some minutes to donwload.

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